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Insulated Concrete Forms

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Every once in awhile, a company sprouts from the ground and introduces a new concept that changes how we look at an industry.

Sometimes its a new approach, a new perspective, or a particular insight. In the case of Alan McNerney Construction, it is the rare alignment of all three.

Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) is revolutionising modern construction and rapidly changing the way we build homes, commercial buildings and institutional structures. Our I.C.F. System is leading this revolution by providing the highest quality and highest performance ICF on the market.

Insulating Concrete Forms

A building constructed using Insulated Concrete Forms
Will achieve far higher thermal, sound, and fire performance standard than traditional construction methods such as block or timber frame, and at a much lower cost for comparable performance than any other system available today.


A few of our Projects

We are currently building
a 2,700sq.ft house with the Insulated Concrete Formwork (icf) house in Co.Leitrim. Visit our projects page for more shots of this stunning house.


About us

we are dedicated to improving the building process by providing eco-friendly, high quality, cost efficient solutions...

Latest News

We are building the rising walls from the footings in Icf to create a passive type foundation...

At Alan McNerney Construction our Innovative approach to concrete form applications, have helped pave the way towards revolutionizing the Insulated Concrete Form Industry by drastically reducing construction costs and delivering sustainable solutions.

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